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Explore DCube's diverse portfolio of cutting edge projects, from land vehicle management and underwater communication to optronic aiming, anti-sniper protection, and innovative solutions for semi-autonomous driving, all aimed at elevating defense capabilities.
Vuhlcan logo
A jeep fitted with military technology. The word vuhlcan is written on the front window
A military tank with an italian flag facing the camera, green hills and blue sky behind
A soldier operating a tank wearing a piece of innovative military technology on his helmet
VUHLCAN system intends to facilitate the management of land vehicles in critical operating conditions, such as:
  • driving of closed hatch combat vehicles for safety reasons consequent to possibility of enemy fire or to NBC contamination
  • driving tactical and logistical vehicles during night or poor visibility conditions
Neptus logo
NEPTUS system aims to facilitate communication, sharing Blue Force Tracking information and navigation of underwater operators engaged in both exercise and operational activities.

The operator controls the system through the Human Machine Interface (HMI) and can send predefined and coded text messages to all other operators.

The system is equipped with GPS, DVL, TMC, INS and Acoustic modems.
MAHRS logo
The interface of a piece of military technology with 7 silver buttons
A photo of a gun with the focus on the aiming system
MAHRS is an Optronic aiming system, designed to equip machine guns and cannons up to 25 mm; in order to improve operational efficiency, thanks to a rapid and precise target’s alignment in both day and night conditions. Thanks to the remote representation via monocular, binocular and/or display, MAHRS guarantees efficient ergonomics of use and complete protection.

MAHRS can be installed on vehicles, ships or helicopters, adapting to all operational needs.Its power is supplied by an on-board network or via an external battery, and is managed via a control pad on the weapon.
GAPPI logo
The semi-autonomous driving Platform and independent Payload solves various problems, especially concerning the safety of personnel on board, both in naval and land sector.

Thinking about different high-risk activities in which Military personells are involved during the management of platform and/or payload.The research program aims to define the architecture, the algorithms and prototype devices for the proof of concept aimed at the remote driving of a platform and the management of payload.
SHIVA logo
SHIVA system, an acronym for Shielding Highly Integrated Vehicular Assembly, is an anti-sniper protection system with laser detection capability, acoustical detection capability, and counter-sniper designation, with a scalable Soft-Hard reaction.

SHIVA is intended to be hosted on both tactical, logistic and combat vehicles.
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